Soul Warrior (Yoga teacher) - Branding
Symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind, the lotus flower blooms from the top of the logo emphasising the relaxation and rejuvenation of yoga practice with warm colours expressing calm and enlightenment.
Creating a buzz on social media to get people to sign up to classes with photography by Jon Fallon to create designed instagram posts.
Crumbs By Cara
Local bakery logo design and 1 page brand guidelines. This brief was fairly open - to create a logo for a selection of tasty treats that will be delivered through your letterbox, incorporating a floral illustration designed by her late sister.
Fuse Socials
Logo design and brand guidelines created for start-up social media agency.
Hopsmore (Reach PLC)
A craft beer subscription service logo design and mini brand guidelines. 
Franckly (Marketing and Media Consultancy) - Logo design
Showing the human approach of the company the hand drawn logo gives people an instant insight as to what type of experience they might expect; one to one service and no beating around the bush. The quote mark icon represents the communication of marketing and media.
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